On a vector to San Diego at 31000' and .82 Mach, 2:43 am (the clock shows zulu time)!


The world's most user un-friendly GPS!  It doesn't even draw a map!


Inbound to Memphis at sunrise
(after a LONG night.....)


About to depart on my last flight as a Boeing 727 Captain - July 2, 2012.  I was hoping to ride the
"Jurassic Jet" into retirement but the fleet is heading to the "bone yard" in the next year or so.  As
the fleet grows smaller, the flying to choose from becomes less desirable so it's time to move on.  I
start training for the Boeing 757/767 later in the month.


My new "ride" - the Boeing 757, soon to be followed by the Boeing 767.  They both
share many features and are treated as a single "type" by the FAA - one license to
operate either aircraft.  The main visual difference is that the 767 is a "wide body".


The instrument panel looks a little different than the 727's.....  All the information displayed on the
727's many "round dial" gages (and more) is displayed on these display panels.  Both the Captain and
First Officer have identical displays driven by separate computers, navigation and power sources.


The center console display units show engine parameters and fault indications.


The view through the HUD (Head Up Display)
Climbing through FL380 for FL400 East of Lubbock heading West at Mach .803 with a 102 knot headwind
The bright dot between "LNAV" and "VNAV" is the moon (it's about 2am)


Another view through the HUD, this time with "Enhanced Vision" (infra-red image of terrain)
101 Miles East of Palm Springs headed to Ontario; level at FL400 but cleared to descend to14000' at our discretion.  We stay
high until reaching the point where we can do an "idle power" descent to the vicinity of the airport for fuel efficiency.



A little work humor!


YouTube video of the airplane I flew for FedEx for over 25 years. 
The Boeing 727 - the
last of the "real" airplanes in airline service!

Another view of the 727


A little "St. Elmo's Fire" - the 727 will display some spectacular
St. Elmo's when near thunderstorms.  This a pretty mild display!