2008 Primm 300


This was our second race in our newly constructed 5/1600 car.  Since our first race, we had the opportunity to tune our suspension with the help of Gerardo Iribe of King Shocks.  Iribe made several suggestions that we incorporated in the car, gaining us several MPH in rough terrain while giving us better control at the same time.  Thanks Iribe! 

Jason at VW Paradise also made some minor tuning changes to our engine, giving us more power throughout the whole powerband.  Thanks Jason!

Our goals were (again):

First - have fun!
Second - finish the race without major problems
Third - finish near the top
Fourth - learn as much as possible

We finished in 5th place, again respectable given that this was only our second race.  We were almost 10 MPH faster than at the SF 250, but Primm isn't as brutal as San Felipe......  This was a "full contact" race for us, we were run off the course a couple of times by faster class cars lapping us.  At one point, a class 12 car actually drove over our left front wheel while trying to pass, sending us careening out of control off the course.  Fortunately, no harm was done, and Trevor just resumed racing.  Gotta love those "lap" races!  We were "nerfed" pretty hard a couple of times, and that was in one of the "speed controlled" areas, where we were restricted to 25 mph!  Have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes!  The engine ran great all day, and the suspension was set up much better.  We pitted only once, and had no down time at all with the car.  We had fun, no down time, finished in the middle of the pack and learned some important lessons - another success.