2008 San Felipe 250


This was our first race in our newly constructed 5/1600 car.  We completed construction just a week before the race, and had little time to test/tune/refine before finding ourselves at the starting line shaking Sal Fish's hand.......

Our goals were:

First - have fun!
Second - finish the race without major problems
Third - finish near the top
Fourth - learn as much as possible

We succeeded in all but the third goal - we finished in 7th place out of 12 starters.  But for a first outing and that being at the SF250, we feel that we accomplished a respectable finish.  We learned a great deal for the next races, had a couple of minor (fuel system) problems to deal with, and had huge fun.  Trevor did a great job driving the whole race, start to finish. 

Thanks to Jason at VW Paradise for building us an awesome race motor that ran all day at 6000 RPM without complaint!