2011 SNORE SoCal 250


Course Map


Mark and Trevor mounting up to go to staging


Teryl directing us into our pit on lap 2


Replacing our spare tire - we had a flat just prior to coming into the pit


We had a great pit stop:
We topped the fuel, changed out our spare tire and got some water in just a few seconds!
(Thanks to KIT Racing and Racer Services!!)


Everybody clear, ready to leave the pit


Final alert that we're in 2nd place as we leave the pit


Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus


Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus


Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus


Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus


Running hard on the Final Lap
Photo courtesy of Trent Wonsley


Coming up to the Finish Line


Taking the checkered flag for 3rd place


Being directed to "Post Tech. Inspection"


Trevor and Mark just getting out of the car


Trevor and Gerardo Iribe (1st place with Mike Boone) re-living some great battles


Trevor drove hard all day - never made a mistake that I saw


Gerardo Iribe having a look at our rear suspension at "post tech"
(Iribe helped us with our initial suspension set-up several years ago - we've come a long way since then!)


Trevor doing a post race "walk around"


Teryl, Mark and Trevor at "Post Tech"


Trevor being interviewed by Judy Smith (Hot VW's magazine)


Trevor and David Herrera (2nd place)

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