2012 SCORE Baja 500


Mark talking with some fans
The kids love race cars!
Trevor signing a fans shirt, Victor working
Trevor and George discussing some detail
Trevor signing for another fan
Tony T. giving us a hard time as usual (one of our sponsors is "Custom Aircraft Parts" -
Tony always asks us to show him something aircraft related on our car, we have a good laugh)
Finishing up in Tech. Inspection, car looking good

Our view as we hit the jump in the Ensenada Wash just after the start

Up on 2 wheels after hitting a rut coming around the corner

Our first glimpse of the race ending obstacle through the dust

Steering left to avoid, but just not enough time

Twisted almost 90 deg. to the direction of travel

Starting to roll towards the driver's side

Upside down after a little more than 1/2 roll

Back on the wheels after 2 rolls.  That's YOLO Racing going by - they had a rough
day also!

Back at our hotel after rolling the car, not looking so good now....
Ivan, George and Trevor surveying the damage
The engine pushed up into the rear shelf area after hitting a concrete light pole during our roll over
The impact with the light pole tore out both rear transmission mounts.
A little body work for us over the summer
The Right front tire/wheel
The Right rear tire/wheel
The transmission nose piece was broken off when the engine mounts failed during the roll over
We bent the front suspension beam back about 30 degrees, no longer able to turn right.

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