2012 SCORE San Felipe 250


It's always fun talking with the other racers
In line at Contingency/Tech on Friday


Mark and Trevor pushing the car through Contingency/Tech


Getting mobbed for "Steekers"


Mark and Trevor sharing a laugh at Contingency


Being directed into Tech Inspection


Getting our Tech. Inspection Tag on Friday


Mark and Trevor at the Start Line, only seconds to go!


Trevor and Mark leaving the Start Line at 10:47:30 am Saturday morning
Photo courtesy of "My Baja Photo"


Pushing hard along "Powerline Road"
Image courtesy of Carlos Arellano



Mark and Trevor working on the car at race mile 36
Image courtesy of YOLO Racing


Coming around the corner just after Checkpoint 1, race mile 65
Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus.com


Driving hard to catch the others after having mechanical problems at RM 36
Photo courtesy of
Dirt Focus.com


Photo courtesy of Dirt Focus.com


Trevor and Victor just past Race Mile 94
Photo courtesy of "My Baja Photo"


Trevor and Victor battling back into the race!
Photo courtesy of "My Baja Photo"


Trevor and Victor Passing a "7" truck in the Matomi Wash,
closing in on 1st place in our class


Trevor and Victor in First Place at Race Mile 169 coming into Pit 4
That's Trevor's mom holding the sign, it's a family affair for us!


Leaving pit 4 for the Azufre Wash with a significant lead over 2nd place


Disaster strikes!  A broken throttle cable at Race mile 182 forced a long stop that allowed two of our
competitors to get by us, putting us in 3rd place.  This is Trevor
getting back in the car after replacing
the cable.  Things are never as simple/quick to repair as they should be during a race.......


Crossing the Finish Line in 3rd place after a hard fought race.  After our throttle cable
failure, there just weren't enough miles left in the race to make up the lost time.


Judy Smith (Hot VW's magazine)  interviewing Trevor at the finish line


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