2012 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000


GONZO Racing's full length Baja 1000 Movie
Thanks to Cactus Films for allowing us to use some of their video!


Compilation of video courtesy of Cactus Films


Driver Cam
This is a compilation of all our rear facing camera footage, it shows from the start to just before dark on
the first day.  We had a good laugh when we saw Trevor's "crazy eyes" when  he took his sunglasses off
at Pit 2 (RM 87, that's at about 3:22 in the video).  You can see how busy his eyes are from that point on;
he's constantly scanning ahead, behind, the GPS and engine instruments.  Ideally, the co-driver takes
care of all that stuff, but Trevor never lets it out of his scan anyway.


Start Line to the Edge of Town
This is our forward facing camera footage from just before the start to leaving Ensenada and entering
the rural areas East of town. 


The Road to Ojos Negros
This is the early portion of the road from Ensenada to Ojos Negros


"Our" concrete block
This is "our" concrete block, the one we hit at this year's Baja 500, ending our race just a few
miles beyond the start line.  This is now one of those sections that Trevor has memorized down
to the last detail.  Some considerate race fan placed the "boogie board" there to help warn drivers.


Entering the Ojos Negros area
There was a fair amount of "silt" in this area


Ojos Negros area
This looks to be the "high speed" section coming into Ojos Negros


Race Mile 60 to Checkpoint 1 at Race Mile 87
This is from just beyond Ojos Negros to our first pit stop at Baja Pits #2 followed
immediately by a stop at Checkpoint #1


The "Goat Trail"
This is the trail leading to the point where the course joins Highway 3 just West of Valle Trinidad.
As you can see, it's a fairly "technical" little stretch of trail. 


San Matias to Borrego
Trevor and Ruben in the San Matias area just before they leave Highway 3 to enter the wash that parallels the
highway to Borrego.  Thanks to George and Bill for getting this footage!


Endless "Whoops" after dark
This video begins somewhere in the "3 Poles" area (I think) and gives an idea of what the
course looks like as it parallels Highway 5 from North of San Felipe to about Campo Christina
South of San Felipe where the course rejoins the pavement en-route to Gonzaga Bay


Our Pit Stop at El Crucero (RM 348)
We planned this to be a major stop; Trevor needed to eat, hydrate and put a jacket on in addition to the normal pit stop
activities.  Solo driving this race forces us to schedule a couple of long stops such as this, the other extended pit stop was
planned for Loretto (RM 835).  While there, we fueled, added oil, changed the air filter and did a thorough inspection of
the car. 


Pit Stop in Loreto
This was the second of our planned "extended" pit stops.  We had expected Trevor to get out of the car for
food/hydration and to remove his jacket.  I was scheduled to get in the car to co-drive to the finish line.  Our
plan changed to a more "normal" pit stop because we were battling for fist place with YOLO Racing and we
didn't want to risk a long stop.  We also decided at this time that rather than getting in the car myself, we
would put Ruben back in the car for the finish - he's much lighter than I am and we believed that it could make
the difference between a win and 2nd place....... 


Crossing the Finish Line
Trevor and Ruben crossing the finish line at 32:48:38 after starting in Ensenada.  What a relief to finally
see them cross the finish line! 


GONZO Racing at the 2012 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Awards Ceremony


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