2014 SCORE Baja 1000


Getting ready to go to staging
Race morning; "last chance" coordination and car prep.


Staging and Start
From our hotel to staging, then the start through the "Ensenada Wash" to the pavement.


Ensenada (RM 2.5) to Ojos Negros (RM 40)
From the pavement just after the "Wash" to the Ojos Negros "Rollers", a series of gentle rises
that form natural "jumps".  It's a favorite spot for spectators.


Ojos Negros (RM 40) to RM 80
From the "Ojos Rollers" to Race Mile 80 where the course joins Highway 3 for a short distance.
Our "Chase 3" crew, George and Bill are on the right side of the road just after the car joins the
pavement - you can see Trevor waving at them as he goes by.


RM 80 to Valle de Trinidad (RM 128)
From Highway 3 at RM 80 to Valle Trinidad, a small agricultural community in the mountains. 
This is a fun and fast section with varied terrain.  The car has a flat tire here and you can see
some friends helping out at the 4:05 point.  Then at the 6:26 point, you can see some other friends
giving a non-traditional greeting......


Valle de Trinidad (128) to El Rosario (308)
Lots of silt to contend with in this section, ending with our first major pit stop and co-driver
change at Baja Pits #7, El Rosario.  I nearly got ran over by a race car that left the course
(WAY off course) at this pit......


Loreto (967) to San Carlos (1086)
We had another long pit stop in Loreto for a co-driver change and repairs to the car, then
continued down course to San Carlos.  Along the way, we passed through San Javier and
many "water crossings".  At San Carlos, I met Trevor just before they left the pavement section
and did a quick inspection before sending them on their way.


San Carlos (1086) to Punta Conejo (1210)
Between San Carlos and Punta Conejo, the front suspension failed which led to problems with
the front support structure, which in turn led to further electrical problems.  The engine "died"
many times in this section and each time, they had to find and fix the problem and wait for help
to "bump start" the car. 


Finish Line (1275)
Incredibly, we made it to the finish line!


Pit Stop Action


Just Passing By



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