2014 SCORE San Felipe 250


Contingency and Tech. Inspection
Contingency is a big "street party" in town the day prior to the race that we push the car through in
order to get to "Tech Inspection" at the far end.  This year, it took us over 6 hours to get there......


Staging for, and starting the race


Start line to about Race Mile 2


Race Mile 2 to about Race Mile 19
3 of the 4 5/1600 cars are bunched up, battling for the lead at about the 10 minute point. 
The 4th 5/1600 car is in the vicinity but is stuck in the sand off the main "Line".


Race Mile 14 to Race Mile 30 (Chanate Wash)


Race Mile 30 to Laguna Diablo (Morelia Junction)


Laguna Diablo to the San Matias Wash (RM 74)
We traded the lead back and forth with Dave Simpson in car #554 several times, it was
really fun racing.


El Chinero at Highway 3 to the Finish Line and Post Tech.


Pit Stops
Unplanned stop at Valle Trinidad for oil after our "Roll-Over" and final fuel stop
at "El Chinero" near Highway 3. 
Thanks to George, Bill and John for the video


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