Car Specifications




Body: 1962 Volkswagen Beetle

Frame: SCORE legal/tagged 4130 Chromoly, custom designed and built by Mark and Trevor Anderson
Wheels: Centerline forged aluminum

Tires: Yokohama/Mickey Thompson

Drive Train:

Engine: 1600cc Type 1, built by Jason Lauffer Paradise Motorsports

Transaxle: 091 with Super Diff., Weddle Gears, Race prepped by Power Box

CV Joints: 930, Race prepped/lightened

Axles: TCS 300M Race axles, gun drilled custom length



Rear Suspension: IRS, Custom Lothringer trailing arms

Front Suspension: Link Pin, Lothringer Beam, Fodrill trailing arms and spindles

Steering: SACO Magnum rack and pinion, MOMO steering wheel, Chromoly tie rods, Char-Lynn torque generator
Torsion Bars:
TCS rear, SAW front

Spring Plates: SAW 4130 modified

Brakes: Disc brakes, Wilwood and CNC
King Race Series - 2.5" double bypass front, 3.0" triple bypass rear 


Seats: Mastercraft Pro 4

Belts: Matercraft 5 point

Window Nets: Deist

Fire suppression: FE36 Fire Bottle (protects driver/co-driver)

Lights: (3) Soltek LaPaz 8 HID, (2) Soltek Fuego 6" HID

Gps: Lowrance 540c

Radio: Kenwood TK-7160HK
Intercom: PCI Commlink6

Helmet Pumper: PCI Race Air

Horns: Hella

Fuel Cell: Aluminum Fuel Safe, 22 gal.

Head and Neck Restraints: Safety Solutions "R3 Sprint"