Lothringer Pre-Runner Project


Chassis Construction

Engine Build


Gonzo Racings' latest project is the construction of a Lothringer "Pre-Runner", to be powered by a race prepped/modified Subaru EG-33 6 cylinder engine.  This will be a "light weight" version of the "LS" powered pre-runners that seem to be the "norm".

We've worked with Kent Lothringer over the years; we have lots of Lothringer parts on our Baja 1000 class winning 5/1600 car and have admired (lusted after) his cars since we started this adventure!  After looking around to see who made what and for what price, we settled on a Lothringer 4 seat pre-runner chassis as the basis for our project.  We will receive the complete chassis in basically a "roller" state, then we'll begin fabricating and installing all the other details.  Trevor already has a good start on our engine, we'll finish that up before launching off in another direction.

We will be posting photos of our progress here; check back for updates!