2014 SCORE San Felipe 250

Contingency and Tech. Inspection

Contingency and Tech Inspection
Race Day
Post Race

Most of the team in town for Contingency/Tech. Inspection on Friday

George signing for a race fan
There's your 15 minutes of fame!

Trevor filling out the Contingency forms
This form is how we declare who's products we use in order to claim any prize money they may offer......

Trevor talking with our good friend and transmission builder, Rick St. John
Rick didn't like our rear tire selection and made that point with us politely.  We listen when Rick
talks but at that point we had no choice; all our other tires were out at the pit locations as spares...
In hindsight, a little more traction could have been a good thing for us at this race....


George's brother, John Walters
John was a new addition to the team for this race; he came out from the East coast to visit George
(and to escape the snow) and was "press ganged" into service chasing Trevor all over the Baja desert! 
John was an absolute pleasure to have on the team and is welcome back any time he wants.


Mark talking with a very nice lady at Contingency.
She told me that her grandson is a huge fan of desert racing; I promised to put together a GONZO Racing
"care package" for him when we got home (still waiting to get an e-mail from her so I know where to send it...).
George, John and Jones (Bill) at Contingency
George and Trevor talking with a guy building a 5/1600 who knows us from this website
After we got through Tech. Inspection, we let him spend some time looking at and photographing
our car for ideas.

And here's their more photogenic side......
Jones running the helmets and driving suits through tech. inspection

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Contingency and Tech Inspection
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