2014 SCORE San Felipe 250

Race Day

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Race Day
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Race Morning, loaded up and heading to the start
Mark, John, Bill, Trevor and George
Trevor and Mark sharing a laugh with Dave Simpson while staging for the start
Dave was driver of record of the winning 5/1600 car at this race - we had some great battles and
swapped the lead back and forth many times before the finish line.


All the 5/1600 cars lined up in "Staging" on race day
There were only 4 5/1600 cars at this race but we were racing in Baja!  No BLM to micromanage
every little detail here......
Dave Simpson, Curtis Murdock, Trevor and Mark waiting for the start
Trevor and Victor just before getting into the car for the start
Trevor talking with some friends in Staging
Waiting to be called to the Start Line is really stressful.....

Finally, time to get ready to move to the Start Line
Trevor and Victor warming up the car for the Start

The green flag drops at 2pm

Trevor and Victor start the race

Trevor and Victor catching car #565 in the "Chanate Wash"
Car #565 started 1st in Class 5/1600, Trevor started 3rd with 30 seconds between each start.

Going by Martin Rangel, #565
All 4 5/1600 cars were in close proximity in this area.  #565 was first to start so he had a
1 minute head start on us; Trevor caught up by about Race Mile 10 or so.

Chasing down Dave Simpson, #554, on Laguna Diablo
Dave started just behind Trevor; he passed us in the "Chanate Wash" when he took
a different line than Trevor did.  Trevor's line forced him to slow for spectator traffic.

Slowly closing the gap
Both cars and drivers were closely matched; we had a very slight speed advantage.

They've spotted us
Dave's Co-Driver, Curtis, turned around in his seat to wave so Trevor returned the gesture.

Trevor doing everything he can to overtake them
It took nearly the whole length of the dry lake bed to close the gap

Neck and Neck!
Trevor is looking for every little advantage he can find, finally it comes down to a game of "chicken"; the cars
are abeam each other, the course narrows to a single line and someone has to "lift" or they'll be trading paint.....
Trevor ends up in front - this time!  Awesome racing with Dave and Curtis!

Ruben and Trevor
During Co-Driver change in San Matias before the roll-over

Adjusting the aiming of the lights after the roll-over
Somehow, the lights all got pushed "back" aiming them at the sky

The somewhat less attractive car in "Post-Tech" after crossing the finish line
We rolled the car about 100 miles into the race on a slick section near Mike's Sky Ranch.  Trevor
and Ruben pushed the car back upright with the help of some local spectators, then continued the race. 
Unfortunately, the time lost was impossible to recover and we finished in 3rd place.

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