Team Statement

We are a "family" team, originally begun as a "father/son" project while Trevor was still in High School.  Living in Southern California and regularly vacationing in Baja, it was inevitable that we would be exposed to the world of off-road racing in a big way; the Baja 250, '500 and '1000 regularly run through the "backyard" of our vacation home at Bahia Santa Maria south of San Felipe, MX.   We started our project during Trevor's Senior year of High School.  We did all our own research, design and fabrication over the course of the next several months; we learned as much as we possibly could about 5/1600's before building our car but there's always more to learn.....  Our car was completed and received it's SCORE "Cage Tag" just 2 weeks before our first race, the "2008 SCORE San Felipe 250".  Our goal was to start small and work our way "up" but to eventually race the pinnacle of all off-road races, the "SCORE Baja 1000".  It's been a wild ride, but we've achieved that goal; we've raced the Baja 1000 three times and won Class 5/1600 at the 2012 Baja 1000 "Iron Man" style!

The focal points of our team:

Integrity means everything to us and we run our race team with that as our primary focus.  We built our car to be in total compliance with the SCORE rule set (to the best of our abilities) despite being told by several Icons of 5/1600 racing that we'd never be competitive if we didn't ignore what the rule book says in multiple places.  We regularly compete against cars built by those same individuals, knowing that they are not in compliance with the rule set.  Our integrity is worth more to us than any victory gained through cheating.

We attempt to conduct ourselves with the utmost in "good sportsmanship"; yes, we are all racing and no, we can't all be winners at every race.  We can, however, both win and lose with good sportsmanship.  We'll do our best to win but not at the expense of behaving badly towards our competitors or fans; we will do our best to win but we'll do so within the rules.  Whether we win or lose, we will do so gracefully; it's not about bragging rights for us. 

One of our primary goals is to bring as much adventure into our lives as we can.  I can honestly say that this has been the biggest adventure of my life so far!  Every race is different, with new challenges and opportunities presenting themselves before, during and after each one.  The whole family is challenged and rewarded by these adventures; they have served to bring us a level of closeness that few of my peers seem to have experienced.  Every race is an adventure but the Baja 1000 is "the adventure of a lifetime".  We've been fortunate enough to experience it three times so far.

Taking on new challenges keeps us young; once we stop looking for new challenges, we start to grow old in mind and body......  Desert racing in a car of our own design and construction provides an unending stream of new challenges for each of us.  Beyond the obvious physical challenges involved in finishing (let alone winning) any of the SCORE Baja races, there are many associated challenges; financing our adventures, managing our time, maintaining the car, assembling and managing the team, planning and executing the logistics, etc..  It seems like there's a never ending list of challenges for every race that force us to rise to the occasion!

Shared Family Activities
As I noted in the first paragraph, Trevor and I originally began this as a "father/son" project though "Mom" has  been involved at every step.  Teryl (Mom) hasn't missed a single race; she is an indispensable element of our chase/support effort.  She is our photographer/videographer when both Trevor and I are in the race car, she handles the food/hydration issues for us, helps navigate the chase truck and monitors the race car location/status.   The adventures we've had racing Baja have brought us closer together than I could have imagined.  Every aspect of the team is operated on the original "family" premise; it has necessarily expanded to include a few close friends however.   

New Friendships
We enjoy meeting other people and this certainly is one way to do so!  We've made many new friendships through racing, some of them with direct competitors.  Racing is the common ground that brings us together but we don't allow that to interfere with the friendships.  Some of our "new friends"  have become a regular part of our race team; they're now part of our "extended family".  We've also gained several new friendships (and team members) as a direct result of this website; an unintended but happy benefit!

Personal Development
Throughout our involvement with every aspect of off-road racing, there have been and continue to be "opportunities for growth" for each of us.  Trevor and I have both grown into our roles as Driver and Co-Driver (and Team Manager), we've both become more skilled fabricators, we've learned how to "tune" a suspension system and how to properly "prep." a car for racing.  We've both had opportunities to work on our "inter-personal" skills (with each other and with people we encounter along the way) as well......  Every race presents new challenges that we must face; we try to look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.

We haven't sought sponsorships; we've been concerned that sponsorships would alter (in a negative way) the essential nature of our team.  We've been approached by businesses offering to sponsor us but we haven't gone that direction.  We believe that this allows us to retain control over where/when/how we race; we are not beholden to a "third party" with needs that we can't or don't wish to be obligated to meet.  We understand that this limits the amount of racing that we can afford but money is only one of many considerations for us.  A sponsor's monetary contributions wouldn't free up any more time for us; we'd still want to do all our own prep./repair work.  It comes back to the essential nature of our race effort; we do this for fun and as a family adventure - we believe that sponsorships would alter that basic premise.   

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