Baja Bug Update Project


Phase 1
ront Suspension Update

Phase 2
Rear Suspension Update


This Baja Bug was a father/son project undertaken as Trevor's first "daily driver" while he was still in High School.  It has served him well for many years but now that it's no longer a daily driver, it's time to transform it into the pre-runner Trevor always wanted it to be.

This car came into existence in 1969 - in stock configuration, it has all the least desirable suspension features for an off-road car.  Originally a "ball-joint/swing-axle" chassis, we are converting it to "link-pin/IRS" configuration.  We're not going to settle for stock suspension components or travel; it'll use some of our spare race car parts and will have nearly as much suspension travel, both front and rear, as the 5/1600 car.  Reaching those suspension travel goals will require longer stroke "off-road" shocks and a "cage" structure to support them.  Trevor will also be swapping out the existing "Type 1" swing-axle transaxle for a Bus IRS transaxle with 930 CV drive flanges and plans on overhauling the Type 4 engine while it's out. 

Phase 1 - "Front Suspension Update" is currently underway and nearing completion. Once our Saco steering rack is on hand, we can wrap it up.

Phase 2 - "Rear Suspension Update" will include the conversion to IRS, trans. swap and cage structure design and fabrication. 


Project Complete!


A short video of the first "post update test and tune":


The video progresses from low speed to medium speed runs - it looks and feels like the suspension performance gets better with increased speed.  This is our first outing with the updated suspension; we'll continue to fine tune the bypass adjustments as we gain more experience with the new shocks.


Here's a little "Shock Cam" view of the rear shock action during this test and tune session: