2009 Activities:

September 5, 2009

Test/tune day at Plaster City, we were lucky to have cloud cover and some intermittent rain to help keep the temperature
under 100!  We arrived at 0700 and quickly unloaded the car to get started right away.  Since the San Felipe 250, we've
had the car apart down to the "nuts and bolts" and made some major power train and suspension changes. We needed to
confirm that everything still worked as it should and that our changes worked as expected.  We were excited to find that
all the changes worked "for" us; the new rear suspension setup allows us to drive much harder without the old "hop and
VW Paradise and Jason Lauffer really came through for us with our engine; they found us another 15% - both
horsepower and torque!  It was very evident, the car was noticeably faster everywhere we took it.  Washes that previously
required us to be in 3rd. gear now have us accelerating in 4th.!  We had no problems with the car of any sort, we verified
the effectiveness of our set up changes and tuned the suspension for much better handling - a success in all areas.

Test/Tune Video Compilation


August, 2009

Jason Lauffer at VW Paradise has the car on the dyno, the changes we made have already
yielded a nearly 15% increase in both torque and horsepower across the whole power band. 
It's an understatement to say that we're happy with the results!  Jason will have the car for
a couple more days to make sure we have all the performance and reliability we can get.
Once the weather cools a bit, we'll be off to the desert for some testing/tuning and to give
some long awaited rides.

07/24/09   It's Re-born!

Stronger, Cleaner and with more Power and Suspension Travel


July, 2009

We've been putting in long hours getting the car back together - Trevor and I were at the
shop until 0315 yesterday morning!  The car is basically done, we are just making the last
few adjustments/setup changes.  Next, we'll take the car to Jason at
VW Paradise for tuning
and some dyno runs to be sure everything is working the way we want. 


June, 2009

Since competing in the 2009 Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, we have been hard at work
"freshening" the car.  We've run several hard races, and we felt it was time to go through
the entire car to inspect it for signs of damage.  We are looking at all the high stress parts,
checking for cracks or other types of problems.  We are repairing or replacing anything we
find questionable in addition to replacing all the normal "wear" parts.  The car will be in
"new" condition when we are finished.  While we are freshening the car, we are also
making some setup changes that we believe will make the car faster and easier to service.
We have had the engine and transaxle freshened (thanks to VW Paradise and Powerbox);
while servicing the engine, we chose to make some changes that we expect to give us more
performance with no loss of reliability.  We damaged one of our Baja Designs HID lights
at the last race; Baja Designs re-built the light to "new" condition for us, free of charge.
We are now in the process of "re-assembly" and expect to complete the re-build soon.



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