Subaru EG-33

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Trevor's EG-33 before the teardown
Trevor purchased this engine from a reputable engine builder who had taken it in payment for another engine.  This engine was specifically built for a high performance application and we were told that it had already been upgraded significantly (but was making some slight "ticking" noises, so we better have a look before running it).  That didn't bother Trevor too much, he was intending to take it all apart and "race prep." it anyway so let's get to it!


Alternator, Turbo and Intake Manifold removed
Nothing very interesting to see yet.


Oil Pan removed
This engine will be "dry sumped" when it goes back together - these engines are known to have problems with oil pressure in off-roading if they aren't.....  Still nothing alarming to see.


Timing Belt covers removed


Cam/Valve covers removed
We can see some camshaft lobe and lifter damage at this point - no big deal, we have to replace them anyway as they were for use with the turbocharger.


Case ready to be split
Yeah, that's easier said than done with a Subaru motor - the pistons will not come out the "bottom" of the cylinders so it's necessary to separate the pistons from the connecting rods before "splitting" the case halves.  Getting to the clips that retain the wrist pins is difficult on the "outside" cylinders but the "middle" cylinders took some effort.....  There's probably a tool specifically for this job but Trevor doesn't have it and neither did anyone he asked.....


Finally, the case halves "split"
Now that we have access to the internals, we can have a close look


"Spun" Main Bearing
I'm thinking "a little ticking" was more like "a loud knock that scared the Hell out of us so we tore the engine out of the car and made it someone else's problem".....  Fortunately, the case halves and crankshaft seem to be okay and we were going to replace all the bearings anyway.  Remember that "off-road oil pressure problem" I mentioned earlier?  Here's the result of running without oil pressure.....


Now you can see why the pistons don't come out the bottom of the cylinders...


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