2018 Activities:

13 September, 2018

Exciting news: our Lothringer Pre-Runner chassis is finished and ready for us to bring home!  Trevor and I will be making the drive up to see Kent Lothringer next week and finally bring the project down to our shop for completing all the thousands of little details.....

Kent has been absolutely awesome to work with!


16 August, 2018

Our Lothringer Pre-Runner chassis is nearing completion - hopefully just a couple of weeks left before we can bring it home!  I've added a few photos to the Pre-Runner Project "Chassis Construction" pages that show where we're at.


16 June, 2018

We spent the first part of the day running the car at Plaster City for the first time since the 2014 Baja 1000.  The car ran and drove perfectly; always nice to know we put it back together correctly! 

Our primary "mission" for the day was to do a little training for a new 5/1600 car owner/builder - Matt from Rochester, New York.  Matt has been building his own 5/1600 car over the last several years, using our website build thread as a starting point.  Matt's car is now nearly ready to race and he intends to enter this years' Baja 1000.  Rochester, NY is almost as far from the desert as you can get and still be in the continental U.S. so there is nowhere nearby for him to gain experience prior to the race.  Early in the build, Matt contacted Trevor for advice/help and now that the race is only a few months away Trevor made it clear that Matt needed to experience what driving a 5/1600 car in the desert at race speed is like.......   Trevor was persistent and, finally, Matt was able to set some time aside to come out for a few days.  Trevor picked him up from the airport Friday afternoon and brought him directly to the shop to begin the orientation with our car and support equipment.  We spent several hours talking with him about our car and the "why and how" of many of our design choices; I think there were some ideas he hadn't considered in his build that he'll take home and incorporate in his build.  On Saturday morning, we all met at the Plaster City OHV area for more talking and some direct experience with running a 5/1600 car.  I think it's safe to say that Matt was surprised by how hard Trevor drove the car and how fast it could go in really rough terrain!   Ideally, Matt needs to drive his own car in the desert to learn its particular strengths/weaknesses but this at least gave him a taste and a few things to contemplate.....

After the driving experience, Trevor, Kristen and Matt headed to Baja to expose Matt to what he can expect to see and experience in November at the race.  There is so much to learn.....


21 May, 2018

Trevor and I headed up to visit Kent Lothringer in Oak Hills, CA today; we needed to collect Trevor's engine so that we could move to the next stage in its overhaul - Kent had needed it to build the chassis around so that we would be sure that everything fit and was correctly supported.  It was exciting to see how far along the chassis build was!  Kent's guys are in the process of fabricating the body panels and we were interested to watch a little of the work being done.  Trevor and I decided to have Kent build a "roof rack" for it in addition to the basic chassis - we obviously could do it ourselves but it seemed better to just have him do it.  That obviously adds to the cost but it wasn't significant.  Kent is in the process of setting up his new shop and the build is taking longer than we discussed as a result.  He feels bad about it and told us that if we wanted to have him buy all the suspension bolts, rod ends, spherical bearings, etc., he'd just charge us for the parts and do the suspension set up for free - sounds good to us!  We really like doing business with Kent.

On our way home from Lothringer Engineering, we dropped the engine off at "Danzio"; they'll do the final machining operations before we begin the reassembly process - now we need to source all the little parts needed for that.....


15 March, 2018

Lots of "family" stuff has been keeping us busy and we haven't had much free time to play in the desert recently.  Our Pre-runner is coming along at Lothringer Engineering; hopefully the chassis will be out of the jig this week and work on the body panels can begin.  We're looking forward with anticipation to the day that we can bring it home!  We still have to figure out where to put it once we get it home though......  We may have to rearrange the hangar/shop....




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