2021 Activities:


23 January, 2021

Spent part of today installing the Subaru EG33 valve timing belt components - all the idler pulleys, drive gears, belt covers and the belt.  Everything is now assembled and "timed" correctly; the engine rotates smoothly with no interference issues - a huge load off our minds!  Trevor mocked up the intake manifold and accessories so that we can see what changes need to be made in order to "clock" the intake manifold 180 degrees from stock.  We need to orient the intake in this way in order to allow a "rear engine" installation without interference with the transaxle mount and fuel cell.  This is commonly done but generally requires relocation of the alternator - unfortunately, we can't move the alternator because the "dry sump" pump will occupy the space in which it's normally relocated...  We need another solution for the alternator/intake manifold interference issue then; it appears that the installation of a 1/2" spacer between the manifold and the engine will solve the problem.  We'll have a closer look next time and measure accurately so we can fabricate what we need.


Accessories and Intake Manifold mocked up
By inserting a spacer between the intake manifold and the intake "risers" we can create the needed clearance between the alternator and the throttle body.  Normally, the intake manifold has the throttle body facing the other direction - that's not possible in our application.  The board acting as a spacer is approximately 3/4" thick and creates about 1/4" more clearance than needed - we're thinking a 1/2" aluminum plate milled to shape should do the job.



16 January, 2021

Another pre-runner work day today.  Trevor spent part of the day cleaning and painting the engine valve covers and intake manifold.  The remainder of the day was spent prepping the aluminum body panels for wrap/paint.  We chose to use a process commonly used on aircraft - an etching solution followed by an "Alodine" conversion treatment.  Once etched, the Alodine solution "converts" the surface of the aluminum, providing corrosion protection.  Afterwards, the panels can be left raw, painted or wrapped.  The corrosion protection provided by the Alodine is enough to protect them by itself but we'll be painting some, wrapping others and leaving some raw.



10 January, 2021

Trevor and I spent yesterday continuing the assembly of the pre-runner engine.  During the periods when Trevor didn't need any help, I began the process of prepping the aluminum body panels for being painted or "wrapped" (that's a three step process: 1 - de-grease wash, 2 - acid etch and 3 - Alodine conversion coating).  I completed step 1; the next time, we'll do steps 2 and 3.

Right Side Cam Shafts installed
After we torqued the head studs to their final values, it was time to install the new lifters and camshafts.


01 January, 2021

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone has a better 2021 than was 2020 for so many! 

We spent today continuing assembly of the pre-runner engine; It never ceases to amaze me how what should take an hour usually takes two or three times that long....  Trevor spent some time during the week cleaning parts so that we'd be ready to go today.  That was helpful but there were still things that slowed us down - we basically got the short block installed on the engine stand, the head studs and gaskets installed and the heads loosely bolted in place.  There were many little details that required attention before we could accomplish the "big" things, slowing progress considerably.  We wanted to get more done today and we're probably just being overly cautious in some ways but we want to "do it right"...


Short Block finally on the engine stand
Now that it's on the stand, it'll be easier to assemble


Head Studs and gasket installed
High strength ARP studs installed in place of the stock head bolts and a Cometic MLS gasket


Heads installed, awaiting final torque
We needed (and didn't have) a particular 12 point deep socket to finish the head installation.  We also didn't have enough of the special hardened washers for all the head studs - I'll have to modify some locally available hardened washers to do the job (I couldn't find exactly what we need - it's great to have our own machine shop!).  Hopefully, I can do that this week so we can finish the head installation and move on to the valve train, oil pump, water pump, etc. next weekend.




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