2022 Activities:


15 January, 2022

Another full day on the pre-runner.  Trevor and I completed the physical mounting of the radiator.  We had previously fabricated four of the six mounts; the remaining two required that we add a couple of support tubes to the chassis for the mount tabs to bolt to.  Those two support tabs are removable from the chassis to facilitate removal of the fuel cell.  That all required considerable cutting, fitting and welding to get the desired outcome.  We're very happy with the results!  Trevor does all the welding but while he waited for me to fit the tubes and tabs, he worked on making patterns for the radiator ducting mold.  We're going to make a female mold and layup a one-piece carbon fiber duct to route cooling air from between the roof and "roof rack".  This car has a windshield and experience has shown that at speed, the disrupted airflow isn't sufficient for proper cooling; this additional source of airflow eliminates the problem.


Cardboard patterns for the radiator duct mold


Removable lower radiator support tab
The tab is removable because it would otherwise make it impossible for us to remove the fuel cell without cutting structure...  The wood and cardboard is there to support the radiator without it "sagging" on the shock mounts while we locate/weld the tabs in place.



08 January, 2022

Trevor and I spent a full day working on the pre-runner today.  Earlier in the week, I had fabricated the radiator support "hoop" and the weld-on radiator mount bosses so we had plenty to do.  We were able to get all the radiator welding done along with fabricating the mount tabs and welding them to the support hoop.  Finally, we welded the support hoop to the chassis and hung the radiator temporarily.  We still need to add a couple of lower supports from the chassis to the radiator but the "fiddly" work is done for now.


Radiator mount tacked in place
We have four of the six mounts complete; we need to add a small chassis tube on each side to support the remaining (lower) mount bosses.  We final welded the support hoop to the chassis after this photo.  We're considering adding a gusset to each side of the support hoop - it's very secure now but the cyclic loads it'll see in use could cause fatigue cracks over time.


02 January, 2022

We spent yesterday (New Year's Day) at Trevor's house visiting and working on the pre-runner a little.  Now that Trevor's home is settling down a bit after the arrival of their new baby, it's time to start working again.  Our current focus is to mount the radiator; we spent some time "mocking up" the radiator in the desired position so that we could measure for and design a suitable mounting arrangement.  Fortunately, we have photos of other Lothringer pre-runners like ours so we were able to see how theirs were done.  We chose to emulate that basic design; it's a simple matter of duplicating the location and manner of supporting the radiator with a structure tailored to our chassis.


Radiator in position
We supported the radiator in the desired location then designed the tubular support structure that we'll need to fabricate.  There are several important considerations to keep in mind: security, adequate air flow, serviceability and the ability to get the fuel cell out of the car when necessary without cutting structure.


Radiator mounting example
This is how the radiators are mounted on the examples we looked at; we'll be duplicating this method.

After obtaining the necessary measurements, I designed the structure using "Bend-Tech" software - it makes all the necessary calculations for bending the tube to the correct size and shape.  With the design completed, I'll fabricate the tube structure at the shop so that we can add it to the chassis on our next work day. 





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